Focus on your Fitness

Pilates is a form of exercise involving stretching and strengthening exercises aimed at developing core strength and posture. Joseph Pilates developed it, under the name ‘contrology’, when he was interned during WWI, as a way of maintaining the health & fitness of himself and his comrades, when they had limited access to facilities and resources. He also used his method to rehabilitate those who were ill or injured.

The key principles of Pilates are Breathing, Concentration, Control, Centering, Flow, Postural Alignment, Precision, Relaxation and Effectiveness. Because Pilates can improve your strength, suppleness, balance and biomechanics, it can be helpful in overcoming and preventing injuries, and as a training method alongside other sports.


I teach the following weekly Pilates Classes;

Thurnby Memorial Hall, Leicestershire – 7.15-8.15pm Tuesday’s -

Ashby Magna Village Hall, Leicestershire – 8.30-9.30pm Wednesday’s

Both of these classes are a lovely mix of ages and abilities and encompasses exercises with option levels of challenge and a good balance of strengthening and stretching exercises. Numbers are always kept small to allow me to get to know each participant, closely watch their technique and adjust their form or adapt exercises accordingly.


I also offer one-to-one Pilates Sessions, from my treatment room at home in Fleckney, South Leicestershire, which many people find beneficial to help with specific issues, such as posture or rehabilitation.


To find out more or to book a Pilates class or one-to-one Pilates session please call or email me.