Improve posture & performance in the saddle

Sarah has ridden all her life and successfully competed in Dressage and Eventing with her own and others horses. She combines her passion for perfection in riding with her physiotherapy and EquipilatesTM skills and expertise to offer Rider Performance Analysis sessions. These can help with a number of aspects, such as:

  • Sitting over to one side
  • Struggling with turns & transitions on one rein
  • Straightness
  • Balance over a fence
  • Even rein contact
  • Lateral work
  • Sitting trot

Rider Performance sessions encompass a detailed biomechanical analysis assessing your functional strength, balance and movement and identify tight or weak areas which lead to imbalances, as well as analysis of ridden videos which you may bring. We then devise a personalised programme of exercises and techniques to address these areas, in addition to using any suitable hands-on physiotherapy techniques. These sessions are 1.5 hrs and take place at my practice in Fleckney, or can be arranged at your yard if you have a group.


Rider Biomechanics Clinics are run by Sarah, along with Rebecca Draper (BHS, UKCC, BD & Equipilates Trainer) and encompass a 30 minute ridden analysis and coaching session with Rebecca and a 30 minute prescriptive exercise session with Sarah – using the information from Rebecca’s session to develop tailored exercises for you to improve your ridden posture and effectiveness, and ultimately your horses way of going. Clinics take place throughout the year at Home Farm Hothorpe, and can also be arranged at your yard.


To arrange a Rider Performance Analysis or a Biomechanics clinic contact Sarah. Details on forthcoming clinics can be found on my New Page.