Spinal problems?

Spinal problems including back and neck

Pain in your back or neck is usually due to injury, posture, or repetitive daily stresses and strains, and can affect the vertebrae directly, or more commonly the ligaments, muscles and nerves surrounding your vertebrae. When nerves are irritated or trapped in your neck you may also get symptoms such as shooting pain, tingling or numbness in your arm or headaches and dizziness. Sciatica can arise from nerves in your lower back being affected as in your neck, but also by Piriformis syndrome – where the Piriformis muscle which sits under your gleuts is irritated or in spasm and compresses the sciatic nerve as it passes from your back to your leg, causing sciatica without the back pain.
These are just a couple of types of spinal problems amongst many others which can be treated successfully with physiotherapy.